Author: Dashniet Kaur

Laptop Warranties: You Need To Know

Laptop Warranties is a significant aspect that we all need to consider before buying a new laptop. No matter you are a college student or a working professional you are always worried about the physical health of your laptop. Before choosing your machine, you need to evaluate it on various parameters such as its battery

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Components Of Laptop

The parts that are not seen on the outside play a major role in the functioning of the laptop and this article, we would be talking about all the hardware components of the laptop that make your laptop function while being behind the casing

Types Of Computer Monitors-PcRux

Monitors are output devices in a computer system that deliver visual information. They are also called VDU i.e. Visual Display Unit. Just like speakers deliver information that is perceived audibly, monitors deliver information that is perceived visually.  Just like any other device, monitors have also evolved with time. There is a variety of monitors that

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Sizes Of Motherboard-Form Factors of Motherboard || PcRux

Learning about different motherboard sizes is quite important to help you understand your PC better. A motherboard is a printed circuit board in a laptop or a computer system that comes in different sizes. It is the largest of all the boards in a laptop and it acts as a connector for all the major

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