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Laptop Warranties: Everything You Need To Now

Laptop Warranties is a significant aspect that we all need to consider before buying a new laptop. No matter you are a college student or a working professional you are always worried about the physical health of your laptop.

Before choosing your machine, you need to evaluate it on various parameters such as its battery life, performance, storage, etc. But will you be surprised if I tell you that along with all these, there is one more important parameter that needs to be considered? Well yes, there is. The warranty of a laptop is the parameter on which most people do not focus and end up spending way more than required.

This article will help you in clearing various doubts about laptop warranties.

From corporate to education, to the government sector, everything is going digital and laptops come very handy in terms of both- performance and ease to carry around. This feasibility makes the laptop an ideal work/study partner. Having talked about how important laptops have become if you are someone who is planning to buy a laptop then there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before making a choice.

What Are Warranties?

Basically, warranties are subscriptions that you purchase along with your laptop, the benefit of that subscription is that you get the right to get your device repaired cost-free under terms and conditions, i.e., if your device gets damaged or any issue pops up, the manufacturer would take its responsibility and get it fixed, all of this without you having to spend a penny on it.

Warranties have a wide variety of classifications and a wide range of coverage periods. In this article, you will get to know about the most common of them and where to begin. For starters, there are 2 types of warranties: –

Laptop Warranties With On-site warranty

This is what you will be getting commonly nowadays, at the time of purchase. Usually, it is applicable for a year after you purchase the laptop. It may be extendable for up to 3 years depending on the brand. Things that are covered under the On-Site warranty are: –

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Heating and cooling issues
  • Issues that are caused internally and not by using

This type of warranty can be easily availed and opted for at the time of laptop purchase.

Laptop Warranties With Complete Cover Accidental Warranty

Complete cover warranty means On-Site warranty plus accidental warranty. Most companies do not provide customers with this option nowadays. Those who do, have plans for not more than a year. This category covers almost all ranges of damage ranging from manufacturing defects to accidental damages. Issues that come under complete cover warranty are: –

  • Liquid spills
  • Drop and falls
  • Electric surges
  • Damaged or broken LCD• Internal defects

We do not see many brands offering this type of warranty service these days, but they aren’t completely nil. Consider purchasing a complete cover warranty even if you have to pay a little extra because it is very beneficial and can save you a lot of money.

Recently, I came across the All state B2B 4 Year Laptop Accident Protection Plan that is eligible for laptops purchased 30 days ago. Once you avail this protection plan for your laptop. All the bills for the repair will be paid by the company itself.

You can check it out.

Can My Laptop Warranty Get Extended/Renewed?

Now that you know what to keep in mind before buying a laptop warranty, here’s another catch!

You can get your ‘one-year’ warranty extended for up to 3 or even 5 years. All you have to do is to either call on the customer care of your respective laptop brand or visit your brand website. In either case, you should know the serial number of your laptop.

You can find out the serial number by simply examining your laptop, it is usually mentioned on the sticker at the back of your laptop. If there is no serial number written, there would be a QR code. You can scan it from your mobile phone to get the details of your laptop such as specs, and serial numbers.

To get your warranty extended, you can call customer care or visit the brand website and provide them with the relevant information. After that, you will be asked to undergo a verification process. Once your device is verified, you can make payment, and voila, you just secured your laptop for a longer period of time.

Sometimes in order to avail warranty, you must get your laptop registered with the company. Laptops bought directly from the company are delivered to you pre-registered, but if you make a purchase from a different retailer, you will have to register it yourself. You can do it by visiting the respective website.

Things To Keep In Mind While Opting For An Extended Warranty

  1. Always take a note of what your warranty will cover. Coverages can vary depending on brand and warranty plans. Make sure you mitigate if your respective plan provides enough coverage to make the money worth investing.
  1. If you are purchasing warranty service from a third party, i.e., from someone other than the brand, always check for their authenticity before investing the money.

Ownership Transfer And All That You Should Know

Although mostly laptop warranties are associated with the device and serial number, and not with the owner, a few brands require you to go through the process of ownership transfer in cases where you bought your laptop in one country and you’ve moved to another, or in case you buy a second-hand laptop.

Some brands have conditions like if you are visiting another country with your laptop, the warranty is only valid in the country you bought it. Therefore, services can only be provided in the country where the purchase was made. Although these are specific cases, knowing never harms

What To Do In Case Of Laptop Damage?

The very first step that you should follow is to check if your device falls under any type of warranty from the manufacturer or seller.

You can do this by contacting the respective authorities.

  1. Reach out to customer care on the number provided on your brand’s website.
  1. When you reach out to customer care, the person attending you would ask you to

participate in the troubleshooting process in order to locate the cause or root problem.

  1. Once the problem is located, a technician would be sent to your place to collect your laptop and

get it fixed.

  1. Congratulations. You got your laptop repaired without spending even a penny.

The last thing you should keep in mind is that while purchasing a second-hand laptop, always check the bill and warranty slips. This will ensure that you are well aware of the warranty and other details and history of your laptop.

How Can I Claim My Laptop Warranty?

You might now be confident about the safety and maintenance of your device. This awareness would keep you from getting robbed and of course, the perks of being the smarty pants come along.

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